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Jessie Diggins' Signed Brave Enough Book

04-06-2020 Bidding Closed

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The Brave Enough book is a memoir written by Jessie Diggins, signed first edition. "Jessie Diggins was a world-class athlete long before she became an Olympic gold medalist. In Brave Enough, she shows world-class courage by sharing the truth about her eating disorder, her therapy, and the multitude of challenges, doubts, fears, and assorted bogeymen that are so often an untold part of the journey to greatness. She deserves another gold medal for her honesty and her inspiration."--Wayne Coffey, New York Times bestselling author

All proceeds for this item will be going to the relief organization: THE SHERIDAN STORY. Funds raised will directly support the increase in food inventory and provide meals to hundreds of thousands of children increasingly facing food insecurity in the Twin Cities area and beyond. Every $100 makes it possible for 25 children to receive meals.

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