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Jessie Diggins' US Cross Country Team Podium Hat

04-06-2020 Bidding Closed

Value: $30.00 Shipping Cost: $7.00

22 bids Highest Bid: $305.00

Now Jessie Diggins's Us Ski Team podium hat can be yours! This navy blue LL Bean hat is unisex siz. Made from durable, stretchy acrylic yarns, this form-fitting watch cap keeps you warm and holds its shape wear after wear.

All proceeds for this item will be going to the relief organization: THE SHERIDAN STORY. Funds raised will directly support the increase in food inventory and provide meals to hundreds of thousands of children increasingly facing food insecurity in the Twin Cities area and beyond. Every $100 makes it possible for 25 children to receive meals.

Shipping fees will automatically be added to the buyer's total. Please note, if you are bidding from outside The United States these fees will significantly increase.

B0E3FA $305.00
95F5A4 $280.00
B0E3FA $255.00
95F5A4 $230.00
B0E3FA $205.00
7B6765 $180.00
B0E3FA $155.00
739DB0 $130.00
B0E3FA $105.00
C044DE $95.00
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B0E3FA $65.00
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B591E8 $50.00
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B591E8 $40.00
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68CC79 $30.00
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68CC79 $20.00
24D8BD $15.00