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Lisa Bartlett Original Predictions Series Piece

04-03-2021 Bidding Closed

Value: $125.00

11 bids Highest Bid: $120.00

This gorgeous orignal piece is part collage, part painting and 100% stunning.

This is from Lisa Bartlett's 2020 Predictions Series. For more sisters of this fab piece, visit one of THP's favorite NVAD neighbors: Artlandish Gallery!

From Lisa:

Being of a restless, creative nature, I generally have multiple projects going at once. I bounce between media, and I love to experiment.

Sometimes I like to paint on very large canvases and include collage and gold leaf in the composition. I also enjoy working in three dimensions, using such found objects as old clock cases, broken ceramics, and Victorian hardware.

My work often tells a story, since I'm fascinated by human nature and by what history has to teach us. Old photographs, old letters, and other memorabilia are major sources of inspiration. Finding the beauty in brokenness is the goal.

I'm always looking for new ideas, new construction techniques, and new projects to get excited about. Anything that involves experimentation, anything complicated, and finally just the act of creation itself--that's what I love.

Artistic History

I received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree from Columbia College, Columbia Missouri in 1988

For ten years I was the graphic designer for KOMU-TV an NBC affiliate television station.

In 2001 I opened an antique store called The Vintage Shop in downtown Columbia.

In 2007 I was part owner of Spare Parts Gallery.

Since 2009- I Own and Operate Artlandish Gallery, Manage the North Village Art Studios and am on the board for the North Village Arts District in Columbia Missouri.  

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45F3D5 $115.00
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45F3D5 $75.00
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45F3D5 $60.00
DD48DF $50.00
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