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06-30-2020 Bidding Closed

Value: $300.00

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Artist: Melissa Loney 

Details: Dimensions: 20in x 15in

Medium: Oil on Canvas, Embroidery Floss

Artist Statement: I believe artists serve a central role within community building and engagement. For myself personally primary education is the space that enabled my creative growth and enquiry. We exist within cyclical processes, these communities and networks empower the creative growth of artists, and during this time it is critical that artists engage and support the foundations that have built them.

My work highlights the impression of memories and experiences that have been consumed. Using colors in many ways is trying too hard, and the domestic materials lead the work to have an underlying feeling of melancholy. I use feminine materials to provide a common ground between the viewer's sense of home and the sterile environment of contemporary art, showcasing the cognitive relationships which arise through remembrance. I construct my work through a cyclical pattern that utilizes a visual language that references the structural aesthetics of my chosen material.

My studio practice critically references the material associations of gendered ‘hobby’ processes, such as sewing and fibers, in relation to historically significant 'fine art' methods such as direct observation oil painting. I work in these materials that have the agency to further the existing dialogue on the inherent gender binary of craft. Hand-sewing and other crafting techniques are presented in conjunction with painting to examine colored, organic forms that exist in unity.

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