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Ms. Walker

06-30-2020 Bidding Closed

Value: $4,000.00

2 bids Highest Bid: $95.00

Artist: Claudia Santos

From: Rochester, NY 

Details: 8.3"x11.5" Earth Paint on paper

Artist Statement: As an artist and woman of color, I want to express freedom, for everyone, in all ways. This includes the opportunity to have a stable and enlightening education. The Rochester City School District is not providing this for their students. I am glad to be a part of this fundraiser to use my art to make a real change for the children of our community. They are our future. I believe this future can be bright. 

On a personal level, I find meaning in connecting to the Earth, for she is our mother. And we are all children of her soil. Prominent women of color authors, such as Alice Walker changed my outlook on both race and our relation to the Earth. I want to see more exposure to women of color authors to our youth, for there are so many phenomenal writers lacking the exposure and place in our society that they deserve. I hope my art can begin conversations about our treatment of each other on this Earth.

1D346A $95.00
FDD029 $85.00