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06-30-2020 Bidding Closed

Value: $400.00

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Artist: Isabelle Santos

From: Rochester, NY

Details: Watercolor and gouache, 9"x12"

Artist Statement: One summer a few years ago, I volunteered at a summer program for the Rochester city school that my mom teaches at. I did art with the kids, and it is probably one of my most cherished memories. The next year, I asked my mom about the program, only to learn that it had fallen victim to a massive budget cut. Immediately vague concepts like budgets, state, and federal funding became personal and very real. Seeing firsthand how children blossom with care, time, and attention made me angry that not all children in our city were receiving what they need to thrive. 

When I think of education, I think of the enduring power of ideas. “Resurgence” captures both the raw power and the fragility of the rhino, a very endangered species that has been driven to the brink by human exploitation. Despite this, a dedicated group of environmentalists and anti-poachers are fighting to protect this incredible and unique creature. Like the rhino, our city’s children are strong and resilient, and will succeed if we continue to fight for them.

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