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06-30-2020 Bidding Closed

Value: $400.00

2 bids Highest Bid: $175.00

Artist: Hayley Dayis

From: Rochester, NY 

Details: 25"x33" Hand built frame. Acrylic paint, ink and gel pen on coldpressed paper.

Artist Statement: Each child is a seed, full of potential. But in our educational system, not every child is provided sufficient resources to flourish. Our inner city students are currently receiving one third of the funding that students in more affluent suburban areas receive. This inequitable distribution of resources disempowers and limits the potential of the children dependent on them.

I believe that the way we treat children today determines the future for all of us. That is why I decided to organize this auction. It is an opportunity to show that we care. In supporting ROC the Future, an initiative that takes a collective approach to improving the academic success of our children, we nurture today’s seeds to ensure that they flourish tomorrow.

Poem written on the back of this piece:

"We all have seeds lining our hearts, hanging from the rafters of our minds like ancient purple beads. What in the world has any right to keep us from planting one?"

FD7178 $175.00
BA1EA0 $150.00