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Stand Your Ground

06-30-2020 Bidding Closed

Value: $40.00

1 bids Highest Bid: $10.00

Artist: Caroline Niederst

From: Rochester, NY

Details: Photo captured by Jonathan Bachman in Barton Rouge, Louisiana during the protests; women are being forcefully arrested after peacefully protesting/standing in front of their like of officers.

Dimensions 10"x10"

Artist Statement: I jumped on the chance to participate in something like this; a way to give back when you’re not entirely sure how to help. This is an incredibly historic time to be alive, we are witnessing the dismantling of an oppressive system to make room for EQUALITY. Even if we feel at a loss for what to do, how to participate, we must at least try, right? I am participating in this fundraiser for multiple reasons, and my main one being that if we have the privilege and means to GIVE, we must. Our children are the seeds of this new forest being planted on this Earth, and we must do whatever we can in our power to help them grow tall and strong. I am so happy to create art that will support this revolution, as well as support the children of this community and their education. Thankyou so much Hayley Dayis for organizing this, power to the people!

My process: I’ve seen plenty of influential and jaw dropping photos over the past few weeks, so I got the idea to transfer two of my favorites from paper onto a canvas, the process is easy. I printed out my photos, laid them down on the canvas with a layer of midge podge on top, let it sit for 24 hours, scrubbed off excess paper with sponge and voila! I chose to include a quote with each photo that was painted on with black acrylic paint. These photos will remain engraved in my head for the rest of my life; powerful black women standing up for what is right despite all the rage. Black women teaching us that revenge will not create anything good, but courage and compassion creates a revolution.

B0E0FE $10.00