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To Read is To Grow

06-30-2020 Bidding Closed

Value: $60.00

7 bids Highest Bid: $95.00

ArtistLaura Homsey

From: Rochester, NY 

Details: The artwork is made to fit an 8x10 shadow box frame, which is included

Artist Statement: Literature and visual arts help to unite and broaden the minds of everyone that participates. It's important to expose yourself to authors and artists of different cultures and ideas, now more than ever. I created this piece as a reminder to put down our devices, and be transported into the worlds of books, and grow from differing perspectives.

As a former attendee of both the RCSD and suburban schools, I had the unique opportunity to see both sides of what education looked like in Rochester. Although I appreciated each for what they were, I saw the need for reform at an early age. One of the most eye opening reminders of economic disparity within schools was the lack of the arts in curriculum. I flourished artistically when the resources became abundant, but unfortunately that meant moving to a new district. This left me yearning to expose all children and teens with this much needed outlet. I believe the arts are just as imperative as academic achievement.

I am so grateful to join creative forces with Roc the Future, an organization which prides itself on developing support systems and mentorships for the young residents of our city. 

Artistic Process & Inspiration: I am an artist specializing in cut-paper collage. Scissors, paints, and glue are my most used materials. Hand painting every piece of paper myself, mixing acrylics and creating textures from found objects. I dig into my arsenal of colors to create pieces that depict people, nature, and causes. Having always struggled in 2D, this process gives me the fluidity and freedom to "build" and shape an ordinary flat piece of paper into something fun that comes alive.

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