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06-30-2020 Bidding Closed

Value: $200.00

4 bids Highest Bid: $110.00

Artist: Jesse Au

From: Rochester, NY

Details: 12",16" Watercolor on Arches Hotpress paper. 

Artist Statment: In my youth, I grew up playing in woods and creeks and climbing the Adirondack mountains from a small rural town with 0 ethnic diversity. It was my dream from young age to become an artist, I worked day and night at developing my skill. It was not until high school when I even learned that everyone did not get to live and enjoy the freedoms that I did or gain the knowledge that parks and outdoor playgrounds provide. They are held back by many things, some societal, some environmental but most of all by a system that has created an economic and educational unfairness. 30 some years later I am realizing that dream working with watercolor to create those creatures that were so facintating in my youth. I chose to participate in this fundraiser because it's represents another step forward to help ensure that all children get an equal opportunity at building their dream.

35ACEC $110.00
2F4925 $100.00
F14E8A $90.00
3C8753 $80.00