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Allison Grafton

03-31-2023 Bidding Closed

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Title: President & Founder of Rockwood Custom Homes

About: Allison Grafton is the dynamic president and founder of Rockwood Custom Homes. In 2009, she turned her passion into a business. Previously an investment banker, Allison has uniquely combined her financial know-how with her keen design eye to create this best-in-class sophisticated residential construction company. Today, Rockwood Custom Homes has 35 employees and over 500 contractors spanning Calgary and the Okanagan. Allison has built Rockwood into an industry trailblazer.
As the president of Rockwood, Allison is widely recognized as a strong Canadian female leader and entrepreneur. Featured in both local and national media, Allison is a distinguished speaker and 
sought-after mentor, leaving an impact on all with whom she shares her wisdom and insights on personal experiences in leadership and business.
Allison is also actively involved in many philanthropic endeavors and numerous foundations, especially those concerning youth mental health, such as ‘The Build Them Up Campaign’ as well as 
‘The Ladd Foundation’. Allison divides her time between Calgary, Kelowna and Maui and enjoys spending time with her husband, Kevin, and her 3 adult children, Ben, Joel and Abby.


What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your career so far? - To always trust my instinct and to respond courageously. Even if nobody else is on board. Maintain optimism and honesty, and never betray yourself. I’ve also come to believe that anything and everything is possible. Even when faced with major challenges. If you stay exceptional at what you do and every day strive to be the best you can in all you touch, there are opportunities abound. Work as hard as you can possibly work and be rewarded. Take big risks, or not. Be the master of your own destiny. Dream big, stay true to value, and execute!

What do you do to be productive? / What do you do to rest? - To be productive, first and foremost, you must take care of yourself physically and mentally – and this includes rest and self-care! They go hand in hand. No question. I have my scheduled workouts during the week incorporating both yoga and meditation. I am a voracious reader, I travel the world, I make meaningful connections, and ensure I carve out quality time with family and friends. If I am good, then I can absolutely be and give my best self to my team, my clients and my work.

What is your personal motto or words to live by? - "Always maintain integrity, honesty, loyalty - always do what’s right, and don’t choose the easy path". In life, there are frequently two ways of doing things: the easy way and the right way, and they often do not intersect. These are the principles I live by and the foundations on which Rockwood is built. Stay principled, stay focused and hold those around you accountable to a strong work ethic and steadfast integrity. Be courageous. When you don’t see what you need in your surroundings, make the change, don’t wait for somebody else to execute or extend permission.



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Business Instagram: @rockwoodcustomhomes

Business Facebook: Rockwood Custom Homes

Business Website: Rockwood Custom Homes | Luxury Home Builder


Allison's mentorship session can be delivered in-person or virtually.

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