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Signed Platinum Record from Bad Wolves
12 bids Highest Bid: $100.00
Start Time: 02-08-2019 Time Left: Bidding Closed

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The winner will receive a Signed Platinum Record from the Metal band, Bad Wolves.


"We are deeply humbled and overwhelmed by the continued success of our rendition of ‘Zombie,’" says singer Tommy Vext. He added, "For many artists, reaching platinum status in and of itself is a dream come true. But the greater story here is YOU. All the fans on every single continent--without your passion and enthusiasm none of this would be possible.”

“This year the global rock community came together to support our efforts to turn a tragic loss into something hopeful," the singer continues. "This...

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299607 $95.00
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761225 $75.00
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761225 $55.00
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761225 $35.00
31337 $30.00
761225 $25.00
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